My Vision

Although breastfeeding is the biological norm, that does not mean it’s always easy. There are so many barriers to breastfeeding. In my practice, I help with your particular needs and goals. My vision is to provide breastfeeding support by focusing on the mother’s psychology and mindset.

I truly believe that breastfeeding can be beautiful, enjoyable, and rewarding when a mother is empowered and supported without judgment.

In addition, as a holistic lactation consultant, I  give special attention to the mother’s nutrition and health. I truly believe that healing a mother’s gut is THE way to heal the baby and help him overcome allergies and slow weight gain. A healthy mother will lead to a healthy baby.

Moreover, as a positive discipline coach, I highlight the importance of attachment parenting and baby wellbeing. As psychologist Bowlby said: “children come into the world biologically pre-programmed to form attachments with others because this will help them to survive” and it is as important as being fed and cleaned.

My mission can be summarized by the word HEALTH:

H: Happy mom / Happy baby.
E: Empowerment – through awareness and information.
A: Action – Implementing individualized care.
L: Listening to the mother’s needs without judgment.
T: Treating the root of the problem.
H: Healing the mother and the baby.