Baby Massage and Yoga

For healthy human relationships to develop we do not need to be connected all of the time. However, it is increasingly recognized, that in modern society babies are spending less and less time in a connected state with their primary caregiver. There are many reasons why this might be the case, but providing parents with opportunities to connect with their babies and nurture their relationship is what baby massage and baby yoga can do so beautifully.

What is baby massage?

Baby massage is a special, nurturing experience for both you and your baby. Massage offers a unique way for you to both bond and connects through positive touch. Learning baby massage is a skill for life. Therefore, it gives you tools and techniques to use at home any time of the day or night. It also allows you to really tune into your baby and completely give them all your love and attention.

Some of the many amazing benefits include:

  • Baby massage can improve sleeping patterns.
  • Baby massage can help to stimulate the nervous system which aids coordination and sensory development.
  • A baby massage can help ease discomfort associated with colic, wind, and constipation.
  • Massaging your baby will enhance your bond and connection.
  • A baby massage relaxes both parent and baby.
  • A baby massage can provide parents with more confidence.
  • Baby massage gives you an understanding of babies’ non-verbal cues.
  • Baby massage can provide pain relief for teething and sinus through specific strokes and the release of endorphins.

What is Baby Yoga?

Baby yoga is a fun and interactive experience for both you and your baby. Baby yoga includes stretches and poses for baby, yoga-inspired poses for mum, warm-up and breathing techniques for mum, dry massage for baby, and swings/dips and walks.

Benefits of Baby Yoga include:

  • Baby yoga helps soothe and settle babies through a variety of holds and poses.
  • Baby yoga develops flexibility, encourages postural control, and increases body awareness.
  • A baby yoga class allows you to spend special time with your baby.
  • Baby yoga includes gentle stretching to encourage the body to heal after pregnancy and boost wellbeing.
  • A baby yoga class will provide you with some breathing and relaxation techniques to use at home.
  • Baby yoga can help relieve colic through a variety of stretches.
  • Baby yoga encourages language development through the use of songs.